The Rock of Aphrodite (or Petra tou Romiou)

Aphrodite (Venus)

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Old church

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Akaki 1974 monument

Laiki Yitonia 1,2,3.

Laiki Yitonia 1

Laiki Yitonia 2

Laiki Yitonia 3

Laiki Yitonia 4

Folk Art & National Struggle Museums

The Old Archbishopric - Folk Art Museum

Folk Art Museum , Interior 1

Folk Art Museum , Interior 2

The National Struggle Museum

Statue of an E.O.K.A. fighter

Eleftheria Square

"Severios" Library

The Famagusta Gate

St . John's Cathedral

A 19th . century house

The Archbishop's Palace

The monument to Archbishop Kyprianos

The 16th . century walls

The Municipal Theatre

Restored house in Laiki Yitonia

Marble head of Artemis

Winged Sphinx from Salamis *

Sleeping Eros

The Cyprus Museum entrance

Cult vessel (2075-2000 B,C.)

Horned God from Engomi *

Ancient tomb

Marble statue of Aphrodite (1st. century B.C.).

Stirrup jar

Stone idol from Khirokitia

Composite vase

Mycenaean crater

Terracota figurine of a horseman (750-600 B.C.).

Limestone head of female

The Thunderer (5th. Century B.C.) .

Cruciform steatite idol (3500-2300 B.C.) .

Leda and the Swan (3rd century A.D.) .


Carnival 1

Carnival 2

Wine Festival

Aerial view of Limassol

Boat cruise

Sunset at Amathus

A restored Inn

An old boat

Dasoudhi beach

Old port quay

The Old Port (aerial view)

Dasoudhi beach (aerial view)

Limassol Castle (interior)

Ag.Georgios Alamanos (Chapel)

Yermasoyia dam

Flocks grazing

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates 1

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates 2

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates 3

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates 4

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates 5

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates 6

The Curium Amphitheatre

The Villa of Eustolios (mosaic 1)

The Villa of Eustolios (mosaic 2)

The Villa of Eustolios (mosaic 3)

The Villa of Eustolios (mosaic 4)

The Villa of Eustolios (mosaic 5)

Kolossi Castle 1

Kolossi Castle 2

Kolossi Castle 3

Kolossi Castle 4

Kolossi Castle 5

The Old Sugar Refinery

Kourion Cliffs


Sheep and goats grazing

Petra tou Romiou 1

Petra tou Romiou 2

Petra tou Romiou 3

Wall paintings from Ayia Paraskevi

The church of Ayia Paraskevi at Yeroskipou

Pissouri Bay

Kato Paphos harbour

The Pelican at Kato Paphos

Fishing shelter and white caves at Peyia

Ayios Yeoryios (Peyia)

Paphos Fort

Coral Bay and Polis

Ayios Yeoryios (Khlorakas)

St. Paul's Pillars

Ayia Paraskevi (Crysopolitissa)

Kato Paphos

Wall of earlier church at Ayia Kyriaki

The ancient site around the Basilika

The Tombs of the Kings

The 13th. Century Chateau De Covocle (Kouklia)

The Odeon (Kato Paphos)

Ancient Temple (Kouklia)


"Kamares"-The old Aqueduct

Larnaca Marina

General view of Larnaca

The Neolithic settlement of Khirokitia

The Larnaca Promenade

Larnaca Castle

St. Lazarus church

The Hala Sultan Tekke

The Tekke Park

The church of Panayia Angeloktistos

The Byzantine mosaic


Ayia Napa Main Beach

The fishing harbour

Nissi Beach

Fishing boats at the harbour

The Monastery with the famous fountain

The fountain

The fishing shelter at Potamos(Xylophagou)

The ruined church of Ayios Theodoros

The church of Ayios Yeoryios

Fig Tree Bay and Protaras

The famous windmills of Protaras


Mountain village scene

Kakopetria - Monagri - Lania

Ruined bridge (Monagri)

Phini village

Ayii Anargyri (Phini)

Phini redclay pottery

The Phini Folk Art Museum & grandmother remembers

A ninety year old "vrakas"

The door to the Monastery of Stavros (Omodhos)

The largest key in Cyprus

At Omodhos village

The house Archbishop Makarios III was born

The statue of Archbishop Makarios III

The birthplace of Archbishop Makarios III (Panayia)

The entrance to the yard of the house

Cyprus Pine : The predominant tree on the Troodos mountains



 * Locations marked with an asterisk are presently under Turkish military occupation .