Rallis Georghakis was born on March 6th 1933 in Famagusta, a city on the island of Cyprus in the north-eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea. This city was a very famous tourist resort with miles of golden beaches and hotels but in 1974 it became a ghost-town because of the Turkish invasion, and still is, up to the present day. His father, Christodoulos, used to be the proprietor of the "Faros Tourist Agency" up until the early forties when they moved to Nicosia (Megalou Alexandrou 5) and he became an accountant at the "Proodos Printing Office". The mother was Olympia , of the Santamas family, a very well known milliner (kapellou) who had the shop "Pimba's hats" during the forties and fifties in Nicosia.

After the elementary education at Elenion and a couple of years at Pankyprion Gymnasion he attended the Pankyprion Emporikon Lykeion in Larnaca, where an uncle, Mr. Lysos Santamas ( a judge) was the mayor, and finally the American Academy. Certain school-mates during those years were among others, Michalakis Kolokassides, Ioulios Stavrinides, Christoforos Pattichis, Freddie Eleftheriades ( with whom they became the best of friends), Andreas Karydas, Andreas Antoniades, Lellos Markides, Andreas Lambrou, Elias Ipsarides and for a long time friend Armand Josephin (a famous artist/musician/poet), with whom they came a long way together in the Art world.

The first teachings in the art of painting were given by the celebrated masters, Adamantios Diamantis and Telemachos Kanthos(who inaugurated an exhibition of his work on June 5th.1980 in Nicosia).

As of 1956, for the higher education, it was at the State University of New York, Washington School of Art and for the services of the United States, the McIntyre School of Flying at McArthur Airport Base in Long Island. Of this period he had John Brandon (famous painter, now of Santa Fe, New Mexico) as class-mate.


In 1961 he gets married to Helen Vallianos in New York City and has two children. Stephen (1966) who is an executive at the Computer Sciences Corp. in NY City and Christine (1967) who works at the Hoffstra University in Long Island. Since 1974 (after a divorce) he has been married to Connie Margaret Le Guidice and have their residence in Deer Park, Long Island-NY, USA where he has his studio and creates art for those who commission him. He is an honorary member of "The International Society of Artists" and "The American Artists Club" while he has been the Vice President of the Long Island Art League.


Even though he lives and paints for so many years in the USA he does not forget the influence from the Cyprus environment and this can be seen in many of his creations that portray the culture, life-style, topography and people of the island. Rallie has always been in the same unique sphere, seemingly unmindful and obviously uninfluenced by the movements of the world and of the artists around him. Ever so close to man so as to perfect this vital communion and yet so far from him in his quest for experiencing, understanding and painting.

In this realm of closeness and distance, using a medium of diligence, he is creating art that gives the perspective and truly possess, the experience and the love of the things he sees and knows. Rallie Georghakis is comfortable in all the spectrum, in the Art of painting and has created quite a few items in the sections of landscapes, seascapes, portraits with character, expression, still life scenes, scenes of life with movement and activity, nudes and so on.


Some of the private collections that have items of his work, among their other masterpieces, are the following:

American Embassy, Nicosia, Cyprus

Archbishopric of Cyprus

Miss Ninette Carder, USA Embassy, Sofia, Bulgaria

Miss Susan Clayburn, New York Times

Mr&Mrs, Alexander J. Wallace, USA

Mr&Mrs, Jay Hilborn, Metropolitan Opera, NY City

Mr&Mrs, John Stevenson, Ommi Magazine

Mr&Mrs, Armand Josephin, Nicosia, Cyprus

Lordos Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Akis Zittis, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Alexis Constantinides, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Alexis Petrides, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Andreas Strongyliotis, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Andreas Theodosiades, NY, USA

Mr&Mrs, Freddie Eleftheriades, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Gary Pappas, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Gogos Nicolaides, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Harry Theoharous, CPA, Bristol, UK

Mr&Mrs, Kyriakos Louca, Larnaca, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Kikis Hadjikyriakos, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Marios Santamas, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Michael Santamas, Larnaca, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Petros Petrides, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Phoebus Petrides, Matlacha, Florida

Dr.&Mrs, Polys Christopoulos, Limassol, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Sam Giragosian, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mr&Mrs, Takis Nemitsas, Limassol, Cyprus

Over the years he has exhibited in the USA, England, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus and some of the Galleries are these:

Sound View, 1963, Port Jefferson, Long Island

"Fouad's of Cairo", 1964, Alexandria, Egypt

Soho Gems, 1968, London, England

"Tambakopoulos-Foundoulis", 1972, Athens, Greece

Erika Schmidt Gallery, 1976, Fulda, Germany

The World of Walls, 1978, NY City

The Barn, 1979, Smith-Town, NY

Lordos Beach Hotel, 1980, Larnaca, Cyprus

Morfo Gallery, 1980, Nicosia, Cyprus

Louis Newman, 1981, NY City

The Cultural Centre, 1983, Limassol, Cyprus

Gallery ORA, 1987, Nicosia, Cyprus

Marjory Gifford, 1988, NY

Brush & Palette, 1993, Scottsdale, Arizona

The Dennis Hamilton Gallery, 1997, Tuscon, Arizona

The Bill & JoAnn Reichert Gallery, 1998, Glenn Cove, LI

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