The Greek text above the heads of the family in the illustration reads :

'Thou , O Redeemer , who hast created the spirit of Thine angels who render homage unto Thee like the flame of fire through the intercession of Thy Michael , the Taxiarchos , illuminate the souls of those who approach Thee , Presbyter Basil , the Founder , with his wife and his two daughters , and grant them forgiveness for their sins .' (Taxiarchos was a high Byzantine military rank).

Below the donor portrait reads :

'The most reverend and divine church of the Archangel Michael was constructed from the foundation walls upwards at the cost of and through the great efforts of the most reverend Presbyter Basil Chamados ... (illegible passage) and was decorated Anno Domini 1474 , 6983 years after Adam .'

Between the Archangel's wing and abdomen we read once again that it is Michael .