The dough : 500 gr. very finely ground pourgouri and 3 tablespoons of corn or vegetable oil .

The filling : 500 gr. minced meat ( beef or pork)

2 -3 onions , finely chopped

1 bunch of finely chopped parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

Enough vegetable oil for deep frying

To make really nice koupes you will need quite a lot of practice and maybe you will get a little disappointed with the result at the beginning ! Of course you can always order some from one of the specialists in the Koupes business . A "Koupa ", by the way , is a kind of croquette , but instead of a mashed potato-casing they have a shell-like casing made of pourgouri and water .

The dough : Clean the pourgouri of all impurities and wash in cold water . Press well so that no water is left in it . Thoroughly mix the pourgouri with the oil , then add hot water , mix and knead in enough to make a rather stiff dough . Knead very well , cover and leave for about an hour .

Put the mince meat into a pan with a little water adding the finely chopped onions . When the water has been absorbed add 2 tablespoons of veg . oil , the chopped parsley , salt and pepper to taste and let the meat get brown . Take off.

Now take your dough . If it is very stiff , wet your hands and take about a large tablespoon of it , form it into a cigar about 7-8 cm long and carefully hollow it with your finger to form a thin casing , the thinner the casing the better the koupa . Put a little of the fried mince meat into it and close the open side . You can buy a wooden implement to shape them instead of using your finger .

Fry in deep very hot veg. Oil . Do not turn them too soon . Let them get brown and then turn them carefully . When nice and brown on both sides take out , let them drain on a wire basket or drainer , before serving .